You’re not going to believe me. Well not yet, but the biggest environmental threat to you, your family and our planet is not Donald Trump, climate change or GMO’s. No, it’s…

Non-native EMF (nnEMF).

Man-made electromagnetic frequencies have saturated our environment since Nicolas Tesla and Thomas Edison gave us electricity in 1890’s.

Since then we have gradually increased our exposure to harmful EMF’s to a point where modern auto-immune, neurological, metabolic and inflammatory diseases are rampant. Young adults are being diagnosed with dementia and preschool children are getting diabetes.

None of the modern diseases can be associated with an identifiable pathogen. And when you consider the exponential increase over a single generation, the problem cannot be explained by a change in diet or genetics.

For me, the pattern is clearly visible but very few people can see the link between modern disease and overexposure to nnEMF (particularly artificial light and wireless technology). And there is a good reason why. Government officials and industry lobbyists have done an excellent job in hiding the pattern and downplaying any concerns. They have kept you in the dark.

We are reaching a tipping point for humanity – a serious health crisis.

I predict that with the roll out of 5G network, virtual reality headsets and wireless enabled, smart cities, the incidence of modern disease is going to explode. It’s not a coincidence that the correlation between the increase in modern diseases and our addiction to technology and indoor lifestyle is so closely aligned.

In my new book, In The Dark, I’m going to give you the hard facts with references to over 100 peer reviewed papers in scientific and medical journals. By the time you have finished reading the book you will be able to see clearly the pattern.

It’s time for action not debate!

Most importantly I am going to give you the solutions. Practical steps you can take to avoid over exposure to nnEMF and simple and easy ways to reconnect with the ultimate healer and preventer of disease, Mother Nature!

And no, you don’t have to give up your smart phone.

When we face our problems head on and put our innovative heads together, I believe we can profit and prosper as a whole, without a win/lose scenario. Industry and entrepreneurs should be encouraged to come up with solutions.

The economic environment should be driven by businesses that succeed by having us all succeed! We need a win/win model – providing a return to the investor, a return to the economic system, and a return to the community and the planet. And the faster we bring issues to light, the more chance we give our human family to progress and thrive. So let’s explore the negative effects of the technologies of artificial lighting and wireless frequencies now. No one should have to wait 10 to 20 years to find out whether their health will deteriorate to a near-irreversible level.

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