Why I Closed JBS Technologies

Since publishing my new book In The Dark I have become an accidental spokesperson for the effects of harmful EMFs on humanity. A week before Christmas 2016, I was booked to go on the nationally broadcast summer program on ABC Radio. One hour before I was due in the studio they called my publisher and pulled the show. Why? Officially because I had a commercial venture (this website) on the subject matter. Unofficially, well I can’t type that here!

I have also had the odd complaint by naysayers that I am “peddling fear to sell product”. Complete bullshit but it seems our society will not allow someone to be an educator and advocate, for what some are calling the sixth extinction event, and also sell products to help humanity solve the challenge. Those who know me or have read Making Waves know I base my business philosophy on HAIL – honesty, authenticity, integrity and love. I learnt years ago when working at NSW Health that you can never talk about a problem until you can offer a solution.

After deep contemplation and conversations with my advisors, I have decided that the best way I can help my human family is as a spokesperson. It seems the decades I have spent working on the impacts of the environment on human health coupled with my involvement with campaigns to solve Sydney’s beach pollution, childhood lead poisoning etc. has prepared me perfectly for the job.

EMF Warriors

The rebellion begins! A few friends of mine who are world experts on EMF have joined me to launch EMF Warriors. A totally awesome learning platform that allows us to add content, hand selected by experts in the field, in any format. You can create playlists made up of podcasts, videos, presentations and articles into specific topics that interest you. You can collaborate on projects with new friends, comment on any post and discuss issues with the EMF Warrior team – think Spotify for EMF knowledge. It’s totally free and everyone can watch/read/listen and discuss at no cost without any annoying advertising.


To purchase or enquire about products I used to sell or recommend and no longer have any affiliation with please visit:

Blushield EMF protection devices http://www.blushield.com.au

Blue blocking glasses https://www.carbonshade.com/

Photomodulation and thermoregulation technology https://thequantlet.com/